The song ‘Aye Zindagi Gale Laga Le’ invokes reactions more than can be read in one journey. Sung in the melodious voice of Suresh Wadekar, with the music of the Maestro, this is perhaps one of the gems from Gulzar’s heart. The movie was spectacular yet, the song defines life and love way beyond the description of words.

I have always wondered what the song means, what went into Gulzar’s head while he was penning these lyrics​. How can someone with simple words write couplets with deep meaning which go beyond the surface? At the onset, this song is a simple number which can be hummed again and again without deciphering much into its heart. Nevertheless, it can be interpreted in multitude ways.

My elucidation of the song is based on my life experiences, interactions and the fact, this number stayed in my head for almost from the time I heard it. It sounds weird​ and funny yet, in trying times, this song played on repeat mode in my head. Today as I realized what it means to me, I couldn’t help but share it with all.

First things first link to the song –

Enjoy this beautiful number and then you can come back to the meaning of this melody.

If I imagine this as a conversation between two lovers, I would interpret it thus…. By the way, this is explaining as a girl singing for her guy.

aye zindagi gale laga le (2)
humne bhi tere har ek gham ko gale se lagaaya hai .. hai na
aye zindagi gale laga le (2)

The girl is desperate to have a piece of life. She imagines her life with the guy she loves. For her, he is everything. Thus, she is asking life to hug her tight. With an expression of approval, she tries to convince life to hug her by reminding how she has accepted every sorrow given to her happily. Here, the girl is asking for guy’s unwavering attention, she wants him to love her, accept her. He is her life.

humne bahaaney se .. chupke zamaaney se
palkho ke pardey mein ghar bhar liya
teraa sahaaraa mil gayaa hai zindagi

The girl is convinced the guy is her life. She has survived heartbreaks, difficult times, tears. His presence in her life has made all the difference. She could survive this because deep in her heart, he lived unknown to the world, away from the moralities of life. With him in her eyes, she has opened up to a life of love and affection.

chota sa saaya tha .. aankon mein aaya tha
humne do boondon se man bhar liya
humko kinaaraa mil gaya hai zindagi

She knows she cannot have him. He is perhaps engaged in his worldly affairs. All she can get is a piece of him, or maybe even not that. All she can do is perhaps look at him from a distance or feel him in her thoughts. He is in her eyes and thus in her heart forever. She is content with whatever she can get. Even this distance for her is satisfactory so long as she has him in her heart. His presence has made her an optimistic person. She can face the hurdles of life confidently. Finally, she has come to terms with life and has found her own two feet.

I have interpreted this song from a girl’s point of view. However, if I were to talk about a boy’s perspective, it wouldn’t be different either. This song is a classic because it talks about soulmates. Every time I listen to this song, I am transported into a world of abstract reasoning. Only now the lyrics have started making sense to me. I believe the composition is such that each person can have his or her own interpretation. However, no one can deny this song does establish a connect between two long lost souls who have finally connected in this infinitely looking finite Universe where the moralities of life don’t apply and the mind can finally start feeling the warmth of love.