I know for sure I deserve love,

Not the mediocre kind,

Not the one which is everyone’s find,

But the extraordinary one,

That which is infused with eccentricity and passion,

Yes! This is my kind of love.

My kind of love is the one which gives me calm,

Nevermind the strength of the storm,

It penetrates in my soul via my eyes,

Not bothering to know what’s my size,

And in the sea of million eyes,

Those eyes lock just with my eyes.

The love I yearn for sips coffee with me,

It has its eyes just for me,

And then when I come all silly,

It makes me blush like tiger lily,

And as it talks with me about life and passion,

My heart gets filled with sweet sensation.

The love I search for helps me create my own myth,

And not bothering the ramblings of the society, it stands by it,

Sometimes in trying to belong as I lose my edge,

It secures my heart like a wedge,

And then reinforces my belief in self,

Explaining me how good I am when I play my natural self.

The love I want to devote my life understands the want of sanctified space,

Yet it knows I am waiting every time it steps out of that space,

It might be stone cold,

But it knows I am there to hug and hold,

There might be darkness around,

Which will be driven off by the positive vibes we surround.

My kind of love doesn’t need a language,

It doesn’t come in quantified brackets of age,

It falls down, it makes mistakes,

But I know it is not fake,

There is no possibility to ever judge,

For in love, you can never judge.

I know for sure I deserve this love,

I know it is hard to find such love,

But I also know this is my kind of love,

Which is one in a million find,

The wait it takes to find such love,

I can wait for you a million years…………