I am what I am

Writing the ‘About’ section is perhaps one of the most difficult parts of starting a blog. You want to depict your cooler persona, attract more views, become famous, blah, blah. However, I don’t want to disappoint anyone by faking any of the above and more. I am what I am – a proud feminist, a struggling consultant, a mediocre writer, a sarcastic woman, an animal lover who wants to become a cat by shape-shifting​ technique and a humorous personality who finds it so difficult to pen-down her own humor.

Yup, I am a woman and that is just one part of my overall being. I am also a human and I don’t frown down upon fellow mortals. I am still looking for something (can’t get vaguer​ than this) path breaking in my life. And in search of ‘it’, I am trying every possible door.

Coming to the most important point – What am I going to find here? Well! This is my blog and it will be a reflection of what I am. My thoughts – whether you agree or disagree (I wouldn’t bother anyway​), my fight with depression, my strengths, my failures, my struggle to stand back even after being hit a hundred​ times. Yes! I will write about whatever inspires me and makes me, me. If my failures can make you happy, I will be glad. If my struggle to live life with dignity can inspire you, I will be happy. If I can be your go-to​ guide during impossible times, hey it can’t get better than this!!

And that’s that!


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